Retirement Planning

When should you start planning for your retirement?  Is it as early as possible, or wait until you’re 65 years old or even later?

Depending on your situation, we usually recommend our clients consider retirement planning when they are 50s.  The reasons are: you may finish or nearly finish your mortgage; your dependent children may grow up and no longer need your financial care.  Looking forward, what’s your dream of retirement? 

The New Zealand Superannuation is about 60% of the average wage.  Is it enough for you?  If your answer is yes, great; if not, where is the extra income from? You may have the bucket list for the things you wanted to do but couldn’t when you were young.  Now you have plenty time, but is your money enough to fulfil the list?   You may want to stop looking after your investment properties so that you can fully enjoy your retirement.  How can you preserve your capital while grow it to offset inflation? 

We can help you.  Based on your goals and financial resources, we draw the picture of your retirement – how much you need, how to look after your nest eggs and how to invest so that it’ll last as long as you need.  A retirement plan is tailor-made to give you the peace of mind for your future.

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