Investment and KiwiSaver

Everyone’s time and energy is limited. If you had to personally manage your own investments, you may find yourself struggling to keep up. Let us help you make investment stress-free. We provide you with investment advice, help build your investment portfolio, and manage your investments as they grow.
Keep your time for the things important to you – your family, career, and lifestyle. 

Managed Funds

How do you accumulate wealth in the way that’s easy and flexible?  Investing in Managed Funds is a straightforward and simple way. The starting threshold is $10,000. And any investment can be invested and withdrawn within a week.

You can choose to invest in a series of Managed Funds offered by Fund Managers locally and internationally.  Your investment is diversified in the assets spreading in different industries and areas, so your eggs are not in one basket. 

Seek a trustworthy advisor who puts your interests first. We can put together a tailor-made investment plan for you. We help you discover your risk tolerance and capacity, and choose the appropriate funds for you.


KiwiSaver is a voluntary saving initiative designed for your retirement through a regular savings pattern for long term. Overtime your savings will grow to potentially a sizeable wealth for your retirement.

The convenience of KiwiSaver is that your salary is deducted minimum 3% for your KiwiSaver before you spend it – saving first, the spending. You also receive contributions from your employer and government. You can withdraw it for your first home and may be eligible for the first home grant. 

We will share the basics of KiwiSaver and provide investment advice. When we look after your investment, we provide annual reviews to ensure your investment still suits your current situation and goals. 

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and discover how we can help you.






存钱养老,自愿参与,定期投入,这就是KiwiSaver。长期投资,您的KiwiSaver可能 变成一大笔养老本钱。