Investment and KiwiSaver

Everyone’s time and energy is limited.  If you have to personally manage your own investments, you may find yourself struggling to keep up.  Let’s help you make investment stress-free.  With our expertise in financial planning and Managed Funds, we can help you keep your time for the things important to you – your family, career and lifestyle.

Managed Funds

How do you accumulate wealth in the way that’s flexible and hassle free? Consider Managed Funds. You may have started property investment. How do you diversify your portfolio of investment? Consider Managed Funds. Your investment is looked after by investment professionals and your investment is diversified in different assets locally and internationally.

OneAnswer Portfolio Service (OAPS) is the platform where we help you invest in Manged Funds. You can start with $10,000. You can also top up or withdraw within 3-5 working days. Depending on the amount of your funds, we may place your investment in a fund directly or a portfolio that we construct for you. The first step is to engage with us. We’ll provide quality advice based on your goals, your risk tolerance and your investment timeframe, and help you get started.

As financial brokers, we connect you with fund managers. We recommend Managed Funds based our own research and that provided by Morningstar.


KiwiSaver is a voluntary saving initiative designed for your retirement through a regular savings pattern for long term. The benefits are: your salary is deducted minimum 3% for your KiwiSaver before you spend it – saving first, the spending; you may receive contributions from your employer and government; you can withdraw it for your first home and may be eligible for the first home grant. 

We recommend the following KiwiSaver schemes offered by ANZ Investments, Fisher Funds and AMP Capital. We believe these fund managers have been bringing excellent performance to our investors and we can trust them.

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每个人的时间和精力有限,除了工作、家庭,还在投资上亲力亲为,您也许疲于奔命,那么让我们给您提供省时省力的投资吧。借着我们在理财规划和管理基金投资上的优势,可以把省下来的时间和精力花在更重要的事情上 – 家庭、事业和生活。


那么如何开始?首先跟理财顾问陈惠蓉建立合作关系,然后通过投资平台OneAnswer Portfolio Service (OAPS) 进入投资。门槛很低,$10,000就可以开始。进出也很自由,3-5个工作日即可。根据您的投资额,我们或者直接帮助您投入一个多种资产基金,或者给您做个投资组合。



我们所推荐的KiwiSaver由ANZ Investments, Fisher Funds, AMP Capital提供。他们的投资业绩没得说,值得信赖!