What are the risks in your life? What if you lose your income or even die? Can you continue to support yourself?
Do you have a plan to take care of your loved ones?

Insurance is about looking after yourself and those who depend on your income.  It helps provide financial flexibility to get through a difficult time.  You know you should arrange car insurance before you drive your car on the road.  Likewise, you should arrange health, life and trauma insurance for yourself.  You, as an asset, are more valuable in terms of income and protection to your family.  In the meanwhile you should weigh the opportunity cost between insurance and investment.  The money you spend on your insurance is ‘once gone, it’s gone’.  You should spend carefully on what you need, not just what you want.  With our advice, you can manage it well.

Here you can reach a range of insurance for your needs.  From health, life, income, trauma, travel insurance (visiting New Zealand) to general insurance on content, home, and vehicles, see us for the tailored-made advice at a competitive price.  

We’re financial brokers acting between you and the insurance companies.  We believe the following insurance companies are good and we can trust them.