Financial Planning

Financial planning helps manage your finances holistically. It is a process of developing strategies to achieve your financial goals. It includes cash flow analysis, insurance, estate/tax, retirement and investment. During the process we analyse your situation and provide recommendations, and together we work to achieve your goals. 

1. Engage with an advisor
The first step of financial planning is engaging with a financial advisor to see where you can start. This conversation prompts questions like, where are you now, and where do you want to be? What do you want to achieve in the next 10 years? Engaging with an advisor can help you understand where you might need expertise. 

2. Share your story
As you share your personal and financial information with your advisor, this is where the relationship begins to form. Together, you two will work together to map out your financial resources and uncover any existing shortfalls or surpluses.  

3. Develop your plan
Through gathering your information, your advisor will begin writing your plan. Your plan is complex, so this process takes time and patience as we address your current situation, your goals, and draft our recommended strategies. It also maps out the benefits of taking our advice and the potential risk associated with it. 

4. Present your plan
We present your plan and go through it with you.  Each step of the plan and the recommended strategies are carefully explained with all benefits and potential risks outlined. Only when you are happy with the plan, will we move onto the next stage. 

5. Implement your strategies
Once you have made your decision on our recommendations, we arrange the insurance and/or investment products for you.  The related fees and/or commissions are disclosed clearly.

6. Monitor your results
Your personal circumstances may change over time, so do the economic conditions.  So the ongoing review of your initial plan becomes a must.  Annual review is set in your plan while an as-needed review may be conducted at your request.  It’s to make sure your plan is consistent with your personal and financial situations so as to achieve your goals.

We help you to not just manage your finances, but to achieve your goals. In essence, we can become your finance coach, not just once but throughout your life. With our expertise, you’ll be able to manage your finances holistically. 

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and discover how we can help you. 


第一步  建立合作关系

第二步  提供信息
您向理财师提供个人/家庭和财务信息,详细地叙述您内心的想法 – 过去、现在和未来。

第三步  分析研究

第四步  计划书

第五步  完善策略

第六步  审核计划书