Our Story

Tina Chen, Financial Advisor (FSP22401)
陈惠蓉 理财顾问 (FSP22401)

Believing “I can do it!”, Tina began her adventure to New Zealand in 2000. Life was exciting and challenging.

The adventure started in ASB Bank where Tina was a teller and was given “CSO Award” for her excellent performance in West Auckland Region in 2007. In 2008, the adventure was diverted to the full-time study at Massey University, majored in Personal Financial Planning.

With the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies and the passion on personal financial planning, Tina started to help her clients achieve their goals in insurance, investment and retirement planning. “Client first” is always in Tina’s mind and actions. She follows the professional process of financial planning – six steps, and backs her recommendations with lots of research including that provided by Morningstar. Knowing the importance of networking, Tina joined BNI (Business Network International) Titirangi Chapter in September 2020, connecting with other business people and help each other via referrals.

In 2011 Tina was granted “Authorised Financial Adviser” by Financial Markets Authority. In 2020 Tina was awarded “Trusted Adviser”, showing the public that Tina’s “high level of qualification, experience and ethics has been recognised” by the professional body – Financial Advice New Zealand

Tina was born and grew up in China. She’s got BA in English Language and Master in Eonomics. She also received the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (majored in Personal Financial Planning) from Massey University. This makes Tina unique with the multilingual talents (Mandarin, Cantonese and English), knowledge in finance and capability in financial planning.

It’s more blessed to give than to receive. The adventure was more meaningful with Tina’s contributions to communities. As an adviser, Tina has been writing blogs and running free seminars/webinars on personal financial planning. As a Rotarian, Tina is passion about various Rotary projects, local and international. As a Christian, Tina has been actively involved in her ministry – Lynfield Community Church, Auckland Baptist Tramping Club, Anglican Diocese of Auckland, etc.

The adventure will continue to be rewarding, full of excitement and meaningfulness.


先是ASB银行一名柜台客服员,并于2007年荣获最佳客服奖(西奥克兰区)。接着2008年在梅西大学全职读书,研修个人理财规划。这套先进的、科学的理财规划深深地触动了陈惠蓉的内心:“要是华人们都学会这样理财,该多好啊!”心有所动,付之行动。从2009年开始陈惠蓉向客户提供理财规划服务,至今已经帮助不少客户在保险、投资和养老规划上实现了他们的目标。“客户第一”总是挂在陈惠蓉的心里,也体现在行动上。使用专业的理财规划方式(即六步程序),为客户做理财规划。做大量的调研,包括引用著名的调研公司Morningstar的信息,来支持所提出的投资建议。为了与其他商家的互动,2020年陈惠蓉加入了国际商业网络(BNI) Titirangi分部,不但向商家们推荐客户,而且得到他们推荐的客户。


在中国出生、长大,并拿到英语本科和金融硕士文凭,加上新西兰梅西大学的商科文凭(Graduate Diploma,个人理财规划专业),陈惠蓉拥有得天独厚的多语能力(国语、粤语和英语)、金融专业知识和理财规划技能。

施比受更有福,回馈社区的善举点缀着闯荡之旅。 作为一名理财顾问,陈惠蓉经常开讲座和写文章,科普理财规划。作为扶轮社一员,陈惠蓉经常参与扶轮社的各项活动(本地和海外)。作为一名基督徒,陈惠蓉积极地服事 – 在教会Lynfield Community Church,在徒步俱乐部Auckland Baptist Tramping Club,在圣公会奥克兰分部Anglican Diocese of Auckland。